Grove Green History

Grove Green, though now known as a housing estate, was once a small hamlet with a surprising history.  The word ‘grove’ has an old meaning of a mine and Grove Green became famous for its large deposits of fullers earth, which were dug from deep pits and transferred away by cart to be transported via the Medway.  In time this mining finished and the area became agricultural.

There is evidence that the Romans had been active in the area.  A cluster of old buildings survive as ‘Old Grove Green’ and are all listed and protected.  A surprisingly large number of people seem unaware of their existence, though they lie right next to the Tesco store

One of the old buildings used to be a school.  There was once a small church too, paid for by the famous papermaking family, the Whatman’s from Vinters.  Both the church and the old Vinters’ mansion were destroyed by fire.