Visit of Bishop Trevor

Welcome Bishop Trevor

Monday, 26th January 2015 was a day of historical significance for the United Kingdom, the Anglican Church world wide and for us, the congregations of Boxley and Detling Churches.  What could the connection be between the installation of our first woman Bishop, Libby Lane, in the magnificence of York Minster, and our Sunday morning services on 25th January?  The answer comes in the form of Trevor, Bishop of Dover, who presided over our 9 o’clock service at St. Mary’s, followed by the Eucharist at St. Martin’s at 11 o’clock, before travelling to York for the slightly higher profile installation of Libby Lane.

As Libby’s installation was televised, there is no need for us to describe the ceremony here, but the service at Boxley has not yet been widely reported, so we will do so now.

There had been a well attended said Eucharist at 8 o’clock on 25th January and the early worshippers were leaving as Bishop Trevor and his wife walked the cobbled approach to the Church.  The couple stopped briefly to take in the magnificent view of the North Downs on that bright, crisp morning and our Churchwardens chose that moment to step forward and warmly welcomed them to our Parish.  Another magnificent sight awaited these special guests inside the Church – our wonderful team of flower arrangers had surpassed their hitherto best efforts and bright blooms shone out a greeting from all points of the compass.  In reciprocation, as it were, Bishop Trevor donned his splendid mitre, purple cassock and clasped his ornate ceremonial crozier. Escorted by our two Churchwardens, who also carried staves of office, Bishop Trevor processed, behind the combined choirs of Detling and Boxley, to the Priest’s stall. We wouldn’t presume to suggest that the pageantry of that occasion was equal to that of York’s on the following day, but our congregation of more than eighty souls certainly found it a moving experience. 

Two highlights of the service deserve a particular mention.  The first was the anthem, ‘Christ be with me’ sung so beautifully by the joint choirs that many a person present felt that tingling, goose-bumps sensation.  The second was, of course, Bishop Trevor’s sermon that incorporated encouragement for our challenging task of drawing together the Churches of Detling, Boxley and Grove Green.  He was complimentary regarding the efforts already made in that direction and assured us that there would be a solution, to any problems we may encounter, in the near future.

That morning, the service at St. Martin’s had been changed from the regular time of      10.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. The extra half-hour allowed Bishop Trevor and his wife time for conversation with members of our congregation in St. Mary’s porch, while enjoying coffee and biscuits.  Then it was a speedy trip by car to Detling for the couple, as well as choir members and some of our congregation who were keen to receive a double dose of Trevor’s words of wisdom, during a similarly uplifting service.

Although we couldn’t tell who was Trevor amongst the swarm of Bishops (if you know the proper collective noun, please let us know) filmed at the installation, we are sure that he was there supporting Libby Lane to his utmost.  We are sure, too, of his faithful support of our three Church communities now and in the coming months.



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