Calming the Storm at our February Boxley Church Service

Family Service Miracle

Another service, held at St. Mary’s on 8th February, demands some attention here.  The second Sunday of each month is nominated a family service, when we have no presiding Priest, so our team of children’s lay ministers went overboard to bring some realism to the wonderfully inspiring story of Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee and, in so doing, calmed the fears of His disciples.

Debbie Keam had made a Jesus boat.  No small, hand-held flimsy boat, but a large vessel made of heavy duty cardboard, that required no less than two disciples and Jesus to carry out to sea. It sported a mast with a furled sail (as every good fisherman would know that a set sail is next door to useless in a storm).  The sea was composed of several blue plastic strips held by members of the congregation on either side of the central aisle.  When the sea was calm, the strips lay still on the carpet, but when the all-seeing, all-hearing narrator suggested that a wind might be getting up, the strips began to twitch.  As the story proceeded and loud gusts blew from the choir stalls, the end-of-pew wave-holders were encouraged to flap the strips vigorously. By this time the boat had floated half-way along the aisle with waves behind and ahead threatening to swamp the craft.  As the stormy seas rose higher and higher, the poor disciples on board looked positively green, or was that our imagination?  They carried their bailing buckets; one said she was going to be sick – any minute now! the other’s knees were clashing together like cymbals, but Jesus slept peacefully.  What could they do to save themselves?  There was only one thing for it, they had to wake Jesus: “Lord, save us!”

Jesus opened his eyes. “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he told the wind and waves to be still and the storm subsided. Amazement and great relief for disciples and congregation (some of whose arms were aching) led to the singing of the beautiful hymn ‘Spirit of God unseen as the wind’ the chorus of which is as follows:   

Spirit of God, unseen as the wind,

gentle as is the dove;

teach us the truth and help us believe,

show us the Saviour’s love.


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