Advice about having your baby baptised at Boxley Church

So, you want your child to be Christened?

The birth of a baby is a momentous event. Apart from sleepless nights, it’s a wonderfully exciting time as you wonder what your baby will be like as he or she grows up. It’s also a time when you may also feel quite vulnerable, wanting to protect your child and perhaps being more aware than usual of things that can go wrong.
At times like these we think of our need for security, and of needing to do the right thing for our children: making good choices for them while their still young that will set firm, good foundations for the rest of their life. Christening (Baptism) can be one of these things that we believe to be important for our children.
At a Christening Service God’s love for your child is affirmed; in response you and your Godparents make Promises which express your own trust in God and your intentions to nurture your daughter or son in the Christian faith.
Christening Services at Boxley church are held on the 1st Sunday afternoon each month at 3pm. At Detling Church Christening Services are held on the 3rd Sunday afternoon each month at 3pm. Christenings are also held during our morning All Age Services.
If you decide to go ahead with your child’s Christening, then, while you wait for the special day, we’d love to see you at the All Age Services: 9am, 2nd Sunday  each month at Boxley; 1030 am 1st Sunday each month at Detling.

Please contact us about you Baptism plans