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    Remembrance day at Boxley

    A congregation of some 70 people, including children, gathered round the war memorial marking this day. A bugle sounded the last post and reveille whilst Chris was present in 1914-18 uniform.

    The service started in the Church and then moved to the Memorial. The names of those from the Boxley area who were lost in both wars were read, after which wreaths and crosses were laid.

    This was followed by a gathering at the Kings Arms where Graham Maskel served coffee and croissants.

    Christmas Services in our Benefice

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    There are three churches in this large shared parish.  These are  St Mary & All Saints church in Boxley, St Martin’s church in Detling and St John’s church in Grove Green.  St Mary’s and St Martin’s churches have a long history stretching back hundreds of years while St John’s church is around 30 years old.

    St Mary's and St John's are in the Parish of Boxley and for which the Parish PCC is responsible.

    We value and enjoy the history of our old church buildings which tell us such rich stories of times past; of the people who helped to build them, and the many people who’ve worshipped here through the centuries, whose children have been christened here, the loving couples who’ve come to be married here, and those who’ve made their last journey here too.

    St John’s church is young, set within Grove Green with worship taking place in the local Church primary school.

    But our churches are really about people: people growing together in the love of God, sharing hopes and dreams, responding to God’s call to share his love wherever we are, adding our stories to those of others who’ve worshipped in these places before us.

    Once you’ve journeyed through our website, we hope very much that you’ll want to come and meet us, to worship God in these churches, and enjoy our company.

    We are presently entering an interregnum as our Priest Susan recently moved to take up a similar position at the Church of St. Edmunds in Cambridge. An interregnum effectively means that we have a vacant position for a priest and a new appointment will be made in due course. In the meantime life in our parish will continue with vigour and with an extremely positive outlook for the future.

    You can communicate with us using the contacts form  and locate us by visiting the find us page.

    Please visit the services page you will be assured of a warm welcome at any of our services. At certain times of the year the services may vary details of which will be published on this site.

    To make direct contact please communicate with Zana Dixon, Churchwarden and Parishes Administrator zana.dixon@btconnect.com or Telephone: 01634 842508

    We would be pleased to receive comments or suggestions about our Website please send these by using contacts form


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